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Trash Killer 2 is an interesting arcade, shooter game
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Trash Killer 2 is an interesting arcade, shooter game. You control a little ship that is placed inside a sort of asteroid field. Your goal is to destroy the asteroids. Each level has a number of asteroids that you have to destroy by using your ship's laser cannon. When you hit a big asteroid, it will break down into smaller pieces, and these smaller pieces will do the same, a few times over. So, before you know it, there will be lots of debrief that you have to destroy and dodge. Each fragment that hits your ship will bring down your energy and you only have 5 lives before you lose. The bigger the fragment that hits you, the more damage it will do. So basically, if you get hit by one of the big ones, you will die instantly.

As the levels progress, you face lots of big asteroids and I think the key is to hold the space bar (which fires your weapon) as long as you can to shoot the bigger asteroids all in one shot. This is hard to do but it seems to work.

The controls are very easy. You simply use the 4 arrow keys and the space bar. Dodging the pieces of asteroid and shooting them at the same time can be challenging and I enjoyed it. I also loved that the game was very quick to download and launch. I would love to run it in a windowed mode, but that doesn't seem possible.

José Fernández
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